Staff Days

Imagine a relaxing day with your co-workers; you are enjoying a cappuccino by the waterside, receiving a fully-catered day of freshly prepared food, serenaded by Nicholas Ferrio on a grassy knoll, and laughing while you enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling.

We are your waterfront cottage in the city.

We will arrange your day for you, that is the beauty of it.  If you need a morning to power through a staff meeting, and would like to take the rest of the afternoon off, no problem.  If you would like to do a variety of team-building exercises led by a Youth Fitness Specialist, we can arrange that for you.  We have a large room next to the cafe which is ideal for working through ideas and enjoying food, and the surrounding park is an escape into nature right in the city.

Just be in touch with us and we will create a package including the following areas of interest:

  • – A private concert for you and your staff by one of our incredible local musicians
  • – Canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling (including instruction)
  • – Team-building exercises throughout Millennium Park by an Activity Specialist
  • – Relaxing massages by Registered Massage Therapists beneath the shade of a tree
  • – A tour of Millennium Park’s flora and fauna by a renowned gardener in the Peterborough community
  • – A group photo of the staff along with candid shots doing various activities, all done by a local professional photographer.
  • – Creativity team building exercise where staff create a unique painting based on the company’s interest.  All supplies will be provided and at the end of the event everyone has something concrete to take home. You can also have a large mural that the staff is guided in creating and finishing that can hang in the office space of your company.
  • – An Amazing Race /scavenger hunt set up in Millennium Park stretching into downtown Peterborough

Run these ideas by your staff and coworkers.  Come up with a list of things you would like to do on the day.  Check with us for availability of the display room next to the cafe (smaller groups may not need the full room). We will arrange catering and begin working through your choices.

Start with an email to with the following information:

  • – Date(s) of choice for your staff day at the Silver Bean Cafe
  • – The size of your group
  • – The timing of the event (all day / morning / afternoon)
  • – The meals, snacks, and drinks you need taken care of (specific choices can be made later)
  • – Some of the activities that you would like to try out

We are a friendly cafe within a beautiful and relaxing setting.  When we host an event, we do so with the mission to see people leave happy and having truly enjoyed themselves.  We’re fun and we invite you to have a fun day with us in Millennium Park in Peterborough, Ontario.