Curtain Call

Sunday, Oct 25th: Our last day of the 2020 season! Get your ‘cottage in the city fix’ this week before our hibernation.

It has been a challenging yet positive season. Our sincere thanks to You for being ever supportive of local businesses. Thanks for making the café come alive each day.

And our incredible staff. You have been flexible, consistent, kind and committed. Bravo.

October – the final lap

Despite all of the Covid challenges, this season has been another amazing experience, thanks to the support of the Peterborough community. Thanks for learning with us and being flexible and patient as we focused on a safe experience for all.

October is our final lap for any given year. This time round, we would like to stay open this month as long as decent weather permits. We have heard how outdoor dining is all the more valuable in these trying times. So come on out, including Thanksgiving Monday, and into late October! Join us for beautiful fall days (with heaters available in the back room) at your cottage in the city.


Dan & Michael and the Bean Team.

Fall’n for Fall

Amidst cooler weather, school plans, and Covid-19 vigilance, we want to let you know your cottage in the city is still open. We are aiming to stay open into late October, barring nasty weather. Bundle up for a less busy patio, or take refuge in our back room where we aim to facilitate a cozy workspace (wifi and power and hot chocolate available!).

We will be Open on Labour Day and Thanksgiving.

Fall Hours: Sept 1-13: 8:30 AM to 7 PM daily; Sept 14-30: 8:30 AM to 6 PM daily; Oct: 8:30 AM to 5 PM daily.

Lots of love for wonderful Peterborough,

The Bean.

Summer Days Update

This has been a summer of updates, alterations and accommodations. Thanks for your flexibility and patience, Ptbo!

Heading in August, here’s what’s new:

  • We have tables available but not upon reservation, but first come, first serve. There are many options to sit within beautiful Millennium Park as well. Please continue to maintain physical distancing when necessary.
  • There are no boat rentals this year as Pedal & Paddle have decided to close that chapter of their book. Lloyd and Mo will be missed!
  • As of Aug 1st, to make an order, a face mask is required where and if possible as mandated by Ptbo Public Health. If this is a challenge, staff can accomodate by meeting you at the door to order. We will also sell masks for a donation towards the New Canadian Centre. No mask is required while seated on the patio.
  • We will be closed on the Civic Holiday, Aug 3rd for a Staff Day away. Our incredible staff require a decent and fun day of rest. 🙂

Canada Day

We will be open on Canada Day from 9-7.

And we are grateful that we can be open at all this season! We are grateful to public health, frontline workers, decision makers, caregivers, and mindful community members. You! We are grateful to live in a country that leans towards being and doing better for the greater good. Keep leaning, Canada!

Patio Reopening

Remember patios? They’re about to make a comeback.
And we’ll help by opening ours safely tomorrow. Expect half the regular amount of tables, spaced at least 2 metres apart. Please leave the table cleaning to us. Thanks for being so patient and flexible with the cautious reopening. And a note of gratitude for our hard-working and conscientious staff!
We’re open 9-7 daily (kitchen 9-3).

What to Expect June 1st

As of June 1st, we will be open for take-out from 9-7 everyday. Kitchen will close at 3pm, with ice cream and coffee available til 7pm. Patio tables and chairs will not be available until Public Health deems it okay. Feel free to bring your own lawn chair while maintaining the 2 metres physical distancing; with no more than 5 people in a gathering as per current City of Ptbo park use restrictions mandated by the Province.

To order, lines and signs will guide and our 2nd ice cream window will serve as pick-up. Staff will strive to maintain a sanitized environment between each customer.

So whether you stroll, bike or paddle on by, we’re looking forward to summer days with you! Expect the same great taste, same great view, with some alterations for the greater health of all. Thanks for your patience and flexibility, Ptbo!

Here is our simplified opening menu; subject to change. We’re hoping you can still find a summer favourite in the mix here!

Update: Full menu is now available! See menu tab at the top

Ice Cream? Yea, that is still very available.

Opening Day in June instead of May

We’re excited this season is actually going to happen!

We’ve been working on how best to to adjust and be operational during these Covid19 times. In all our planning, we want to show care and responsibility for both the community and our employees. Thus the plan is to begin with take-out, and condensed hours and menu and build from there. We will endorse provincial recommendations for the food service industry – and you’ll quickly notice a reconfiguration of our cafe space in light of this. The green light from the province for cafe seating has yet to be given, so we hope you will make use of the options available all around beautiful Millennium Park.

June 1st is just around the corner. We look forward to seeing you!

Gift Certificates

While we can’t offer certainty of an Opening Day date for the 2020 season (due to Covid-19), we do want to promote cafe-cottage-summer dreaming. For yourself, or for another, pick up a gift certificate through either of these convenient online options: Fansaves & Givelo.

The Silver Bean & COVID19

April. Usually this cues our countdown til we open once again for the season. But this year is different, as we all have been experiencing. So we decided Opening Day will be a total surprise!! To us all.

In the challenging meantime, keep grounded, support neighbours, local business and the greater good… and one day soon enough we’ll have you over again to your cafe cottage in the city. We’ll keep you posted.

Be well, be patient, be love. Cheers.