Group Orders


  • Please contact us to arrange catering with at least one week advance when placing orders.
  • Catering and large group orders are available at both Silver Bean locations: Millennium Park and the Canoe Museum.
  • We are willing to work with other local caterers to meet your event and specific menu needs.
  • Large orders in-house will be served on a tray unless otherwise specified. For individual take-out boxes please note preferences of labelling (by name, by contents, etc).
  • Customized catering orders may be possible. Something on our menu that you don’t see here? Have a budget per person to stick to? Feel free to ask!
  • Catering comes with necessary plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and requested condiments.
  • For more appetizer and hors d’oeuvres options, please request the special event menu.


COFFEE & TEA SERVICE | 3 per person

We’ll keep the thermoses full for your meeting or event with fresh batches at break times. Dark, Medium & Decaf options along with a variety of teas. Add Strawberry Lemonade or Iced Tea service for an extra dollar per person.

COFFEE BY THE POT | 15 per pot (serves 8)

Let us know when each coffee thermos runs outs and we’ll make you a fresh one. We’ll just keep track of how many you order.

ICED COFFEE | 13 per pitcher (serves 6)

Pitchers of house brewed iced coffee in regular or decaf.

ICED TEA | 13 per pitcher (serves 6)

Pitchers of homemade iced tea with lemon. We can provide sweetened OR unsweetened.

LEMONADE | 13 per pitcher (serves 6)

Pitchers of lemonade.

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE | 16 per pitcher (serves 6)

A refreshing twist on the traditional: strawberries and ice blended in your lemonade.

JUICES, ETC | 3.5 per person

Black River juice, and assorted pop and soda options.


All you need, iced, served in pitchers.


Come to us and we’ll keep a tab of what you order.

ALCOHOL | As per our Drink Menu

Alcohol menu available only at our Canoe Museum location


FRESH SCONES | 4 per person

Made in house, served with butter. So delightful.

FRUIT TRAY or SALAD | 4 per person

An assortment of fresh fruit – usually includes pineapple, melon, berries and grapes.

MORNING TRAY | 5 per person

Muffins, bagels, scones, teamed up with fresh fruit.


BAKED GOOD TO GO | 4 per person | +3 with juice, soda or pop | +4 with fruit salad

Back on the bus after a Canoe Museum visit? A delicious and simple snack for the road: request our Planet cookies or muffins (GF & vegan options available upon request). Make it a combo with a drink or fruit salad!

FRUIT TRAY or SALAD | 4 per person

An assortment of fresh fruit – usually includes pineapple, melon, berries and grapes.

VEGETABLE TRAY | 6 per person

An array of fresh vegetables served with spinach & feta cheese dip and hummus. Both dips are made in-house.

VEGETABLE, BREADS & DIP | 5 per person

Pita bread and whole grain crackers served with a variety of vegetables and dips.

HUMMUS & PITA | 5 per person

As it sounds. Soft pitas paired with out homemade hummus, everyone will love it!

DESSERT TRAY | 5 per person

An assortment of cookies, squares and fruit.

Available only at our Canoe Museum location, a display of cured meat, farmers sausage, cheese, olives, dried fruit along with crackers and local sprouts.

CAKE | 40

From either of our best-selling flavours: Chocolate or Carrot. Serves 8 large or 12 medium slices.


SANDWICHES & WRAPS | 11 per person | 14 with salad | 15 with a variety of salads

We’ll make up an assortment of our delicious sandwiches. We are more than willing to cater to dietary preferences.

SALADS AS A MEAL | 13 per person

A variety of salads (Quinoa, Caesar & Mixed Greens) to make a great summer lunch.

SOUP OF THE DAY | 5 per person

Cooler weather? Inquire about our tried and true soup and stew options or make a customized request

PICK-UP of catering orders available (see ice cream window at Millennium Park; front cash the Canoe Museum). Delivery not available.

GRATUITY will be added to the bill. Please advise if preference to tip on location. | 15%

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