Summer Days Update

This has been a summer of updates, alterations and accommodations. Thanks for your flexibility and patience, Ptbo!

Heading in August, here’s what’s new:

  • We have tables available but not upon reservation, but first come, first serve. There are many options to sit within beautiful Millennium Park as well. Please continue to maintain physical distancing when necessary.
  • There are no boat rentals this year as Pedal & Paddle have decided to close that chapter of their book. Lloyd and Mo will be missed!
  • As of Aug 1st, to make an order, a face mask is required where and if possible as mandated by Ptbo Public Health. If this is a challenge, staff can accomodate by meeting you at the door to order. We will also sell masks for a donation towards the New Canadian Centre. No mask is required while seated on the patio.
  • We will be closed on the Civic Holiday, Aug 3rd for a Staff Day away. Our incredible staff require a decent and fun day of rest. 🙂

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